Triad IIa, Op. 6a

double bass, percussion and piano

duration 9-12'

composed in 1965

dedication: for Jeffrey Levine

published by Novello and Co

status: available for performance

see also Triad IIb


first performance: Jeffrey Levine, Richard Fitz, Justin Connolly; Tanglewood, 2 August 1967


According to the concert programme in the BSO archives, the concert containing the premiere of Triad IIa was broadcast. However, no tape has survived.

programme note:

Triad II is one of a group of pieces related not so much by musical gestures as by similarities of formal articulation. In the present work the emphasis is upon the constant re-ordering of a number of simple elements heard at the opening; in the course of the three sections they undergo variation and expansion as well as reorientation relative to one another.

Justin Connolly


other comments:

Percussion: vibraphone, 5 chinese blocks, 3 chinese tam tams, 2 timpani, side drum, 3 suspended cymbals, bass drum, small gong.

Pianist plays also: tam-tam, bass drum, small brass bell. The piano's lid should be removed.


Duration 9 minutes from Novello score, 12 minutes from Novello printed catalogue.
Instrumentation details, programme note: from score.