Gymel-A, Op. 39/1

flute and clarinet
duration 9-10'
composed in 1993

dedication: for Cathrine and Helen Saunders




Somerset, c. 1993, Cathrine and Helen Saunders



programme note:

GYMEL-A was written for Cathrine and Helen Saunders; the title reflects their relationship as twins. The piece is in four movements of more or less equal length, which may be played in any order, number, or combination.

I. Dreamy.
II. Twinsong I (Metutinel)
III. Catch-as-catch-can.
IV. Twinsong II (Nocturnal)

Some use is made of notated rubato, which inyolves inclined or forking ligatures indicating accelerando or ritenuto within a phrase.The upward inclining ligatures denote an increase in speed; a downward inclination means a decrease.Points of coincidence between the players in such situstions are shown by short barlines between the staves. Irrational values with dotted brackets show approximations to the general pulse in force at the time. In I and III, phrase structure is emphasised by short, thick barlines between the staves.The clarinet part is transposed.

Justin Connolly


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