Obbligati V

scoring: violin, viola, cello solo and string orchestra
duration: 20'
composed : 1981

dedication: ?

commissioned: by the Yehudi Menuhin school with funds provided by the Arts Council

status: lost


??? 5 July 1981, Cheltenham Festival, Sophie Renshaw and Carla-Maria Rodrigues, Yehudi Menuhin School Orch, cond. Peter Norris.
This performance has not yet been confirmed, and the soloists appear to be incorrect.


programme note:


other comments:


September 1982 Novello composer leaflet

Oxford Dictionary of Music

Premiere as listed in Tempo, No. 137 (Jun., 1981), pp. 55. The named soloists are both viola players, so it is possible the planned scoring changed during composition.

Ewald: Directory "Musik für Bratsche", CH, 2013 and associated website list a composition date of 1979 which seems to be erroneous.