Collana, Op. 29c

solo cello
duration 9-10'
composed in 1995

dedication: for Neil Heyde

published by Novello/Wise Music (see here)
score on sale: MUSNOV100517, EAN 5020679006689


first performed by Neil Heyde, 25 June 1995, Wraysbury Musikfest
also performed by Neil Heyde, 9 March 1996, Conway Hall, London


Metier MEX 77209 (future release - in preparation)
by Neil Heyde, cello

programme note:

This work, whose title means "necklace", is a sequence of 15 short movements, lasting between nine and ten minutes. Eight of its sections, A to H, form the "string" of the necklace, and are in the form of recitatives which exploit specialised techniques of playing. By contrast, the "beads" are the rather longer sections I-VII, in which emotional and gestural differences are more strongly articulated. Sections A-H centre round the middle of the instrument's range, and focus on the two middle strings to a considerable extent.



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