Tesserae F, Op. 15f

bass clarinet solo
duration 12'
composed in 1999

dedication: none

published by Novello and Co




recorded by Andrew Sparling on Metier MSV CD92046

programme note:

Tesserae F is one of a group of pieces, which investigate the character of a particular instrument. Its subtitle, 'Domination of Black', is taken from the poem of the same name by Wallace Stevens (1879-1955). My piece is not so much an instrumental setting of that text, so much as an exploration of musical images using a process of partial repetition and transformation similar to that found in the poem. Stevens comments in one of his letters that 'Domination of Black' has as its sole purpose the aim of filling the mind with sounds and images. My music has an identical intention and, like the poem itself, is in three verses.



other comments:

The earlier piece of this title and opus number, commissioned by Harry Sparnaay, is withdrawn.