Tesserae E, Op. 15e

scoring:piccolo and double bass

duration: 10 1/2 minutes

composed: 1972

dedication: "for Bert and Nancy Turetzky"

published: Novello/Wise Music

status: available for performance



Recorded by Bert and Nancy Turetzky in Melbourne, 1981

programme note:

This piece is one of a series, for one and two instruments: each refers obliquely to the English hymn-tune which is the common background for all of them. However, it is rarely recognisable, being split into small fragments and re-assembled in such a way as to conceal its identity, which none the less governs the composition throughout. Tesserae are the constituent parts of a mosaic, or the counters used by the anceints in games, having no signifiance in themselves but acquiring it by the use to which they are put.

I. Capriccio
II. Melodia I
III. Serenata
IV. Melodia II (recitativo interrotto)
V. The dream of Monostatos.


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