Novello/Wise Music have published newly typeset editions of Ceilidh (for four violins) and Tesserae F - "Domination of Black" (for bass clarinet).

The first performance of Tesserae F - "Domination of Black" (for bass clarinet) took place on 29 May 2022 (15.00) in the concert series "Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam" at the Plein Theater Amsterdam, by Fie Schouten, bass clarinet. The piece was written especially to be recorded on Connolly's Metier portrait CD "Night Thoughts" (played by Andrew Sparling) but no live performance is known to have taken place until now.

The tape part for Tesserae D (for trumpet and tape) has been found. First reported missing in the late 1990s, it was originally realised by Peter Zinovieff at his Putney Studio. The work is published by Novello and Co, and will be made available for performance in due course.

Chisato Kusunoki gave the first performance of Connolly's Sonatina III - Sonatina Scherzosa on 8 April 2022 in a lunchtime recital at Brighton Unitarian Church. The piece was written as a response to Kusunoki's performances of his Sonatina in Five Studies and is dedicated to her.